Bedroom Furniture

Retreat to Tranquility

Create your sanctuary of serenity with our Bedroom Furniture collection, where comfort meets style in the most intimate space of your home.

Crafted with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind, our pieces are designed to promote restful sleep and peaceful surroundings. From luxurious bed frames to spacious dressers, our selection offers a variety of options to suit your taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat for yourself or a tranquil haven for guests, our bedroom furniture sets the stage for sweet dreams and restful nights.

Looking for Something Else?

Our website only showcases a small portion of what we have available. For a look at everything else we have to offer, get in touch with us or stop by our location in Cape Girardeau today.


Owner is a awesome gentleman that we have done business with for 25+ years. A quality product at a price that reflects its value. Far outshines the box stores. If you want something that will last see Oak Tree.

— Brian Witty

We went to this store to look at a new dining room table. The salesperson was extremely knowledgeable and gave us many options on the table we were looking at. This custom-made table was finished on time and they delivered it to us exactly at the time they said they would. The quality of the table we received is outstanding and it is just what we picked out. Just an overall excellent experience. You can’t go wrong purchasing furniture from Oak Tree.

— Gary Williams

Oak Tree Furniture sells genuine, quality pieces. Service is as outstanding as the furniture!

— Patricia Sander

Great outdoor furniture. Friendly service. Free delivery

— Ben Begley